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A Hudson River Landing – The New Metaphor For Life in America

On January 15, 2009, when I originally found out about the US Airways jetliner arriving in the Hudson River close to New York City and every one of the one hundred and fifty-five travelers traversing it securely, something mixed inside me. I looked through the Internet and watched three to four recordings, searching for signs to the occasion. At that point the following day I declared to a few associates that the Hudson River Landing was a hint of something better over the horizon for America.

I felt certain about this, yet my friends didn’t perceive how I could see it along these lines. Some took a gander at me sort of amusing; others asked, “I’m not catching your meaning?” and “In what way?”

The explanation I saw the Hudson River arriving as positive was the allegory I found in what occurred. I saw an emergency circumstance that was managed finished ability, where all the individuals on board got off the plane without dangerous injury in light of the wonderful and enlivened activities of the flight group. Indeed, even the travelers stayed composed and arranged in a period of emergency. Nobody was forgotten about. Everybody did their activity well. I considered this to be as a “sign from the universe,” an analogy for where America (and the world) is going at this moment. (We are set out toward another lifestyle that starts with the 2012 move in awareness.)

That other time (when the planes flew into the Twin Towers in 2001), the illustration was obviously totally different. The state of mind was unique. This time, the consideration was on ability, on quick activity, assurance, and arranging in a period of emergency – which is the thing that I accept will “spare” we all on this planet. Almost certainly America and the world is immovably in emergency, however its group is taking care of business with propelled and decided activities – simply like pilot Chesley Sullenberger and co-pilot Jeff Skiles on Flight 1549. I feel this will be a period of saints, where everybody – regardless of how inconsequential one at present thinks one is- – gets an opportunity to turn into a legend in their own family, network, and past.

The way that the plane arrived in water is likewise critical. I feel that the water arrival is an allegory for jumping into a progressively genuine life (which by the way is the manner by which you get ready for 2012). This doesn’t really mean strict practice or authoritative opinion, however it means associating further with your most profound, most genuine self, your higher self, and living day by day as per your higher life reason – which is the reason I feel that we will come out of our emergencies more grounded and more illuminated than any other time in recent memory, appreciative for having survived them. This is the reason the Hudson River landing is a positive allegory for life in America.

I at present don’t have a more profound comprehension with respect to the herd of winged creatures that supposedly hit the plane, yet maybe it will come to me sometime in the not so distant future.